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Mia Thomas-Ruzic




Dr. Maria Thomas-Ruzic works in teacher education and teacher professional development focused on helping (especially secondary) teachers help their second language learners, succeed in school.

She likes to use coaching, mentoring, and consultancy approaches in working with both experienced and new teachers.

She is working on US-Mexico exchange opportunities for teachers and on addressing the particular needs of US Mexican immigrant youth. 


Second language acquisition; (Secondary) English language learners; ELL teaching and assessment strategies; Sheltered (content-based) instruction

Teacher inquiry, teacher action research

Classroom/instructional discourse 


Davis, A. & Thomas-Ruzic, M. (2005). Dropping out of high school: Causes, remedies, and policy considerations (Policy Report). Denver: The Colorado Children's Campaign.

Negotiating high school and beyond: Mexican immigrant students' narratives. (2005). Presentation, with S. E. Miller, MexTESOL Conference, Zacatecas, Mexico; October 21.

Thomas-Ruzic, M. & Shannon, S. (2004). Alternative programs for Mexican students: tan cerca. Proceedings from the Binational Symposium of Education Researchers, Mexico City, MX; March 12-13)