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Examination of Integrated STEM Curricula as a Means Toward Quality K- 12 Engineering Education (Research to Practice)


"For some time now, educators and policy makers have been focused on improving both education and career preparedness in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM). This push has been multifaceted, and it is having a variety of impacts on education policy and practice. One particularly significant result is the increased focus on engineering education in K-12 settings. National documents have called for an increase in both the quality and quantity of engineering at the K-12 level, and the infusion of engineering into the Next Generation Science Standards has firmly established engineering as a core component of a K-12 education for all students. Furthermore, much work has been done to begin to frame the core ideas essential in a quality K-12 engineering education. Despite this progress, however, educators and policy makers have not yet determined how best to teach engineering and in what space (i.e. within science/mathematics, as a standalone subject, or in integrated settings) to teach it."